What we do

Tattoo, piercing, laser tattoo removal, body modifications



We create tattoos with passion. What is characteristic for our works is very high quality and attention to detail.



We pierce the body in the least painful way using the latest techniques.

laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

During the procedure, the laser beam breaks down the ink particles which are then absorbed by the body.

body modifications

Body Modifications

We can perform other body modification too should you wish us to do so. Get in touch with us for more information.

Kris Tattoo artist

I am a professional tattoo artist for last 3 years, but I started tattooing 15 years ago. Tattoos are my biggest passion, I feel satisfied when I can tune up your body parts! I don’t have one style, i love to do colour, black & grey, literally everything. I always share my free time with art supplies, canvases etc. I started painting 20 years ago, I am also into street art and graffiti which I am doing professionally for as long as I can remember. Art is my biggest love and I love to share it with people! Art connects people.

Karla Bodypiercer

Professional cosmetician and permanent make up artist for last 11years. Bodypiercer and laser technician. Using only best materials and devices to meet all your requirements. Karolina can pierce you, remove a tattoo or other skin defects for you and help you out with any questions you might have!

Radek Tattoo artist

I am creating tattoos in different styles, I like realistic style but don’t want to box myself in one category only. Thing i like the most is greyscale realism, other then that i like graphic designs and oldschool. I wouldn’t be able to work only in one style so i always try and push myself out of my comfort zone. Every style pushes me to spread my horizon even more so I develop new skills all the time. I am a pedantic artist when it goes to small details. I feel successful when i see a smile on my customers face. 




Tuesday – Saturday: 11pm – 7pm
​Sunday – Monday: 11pm – 7pm (for appointments only)

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