What we do

Tattoo, piercing, laser tattoo removal, body modifications



We create tattoos with passion. What is characteristic for our works is very high quality and attention to detail.



We pierce the body in the least painful way using the latest techniques.

laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

During the procedure, the laser beam breaks down the ink particles which are then absorbed by the body.

body modifications

Body Modifications

We can perform other body modification too should you wish us to do so. Get in touch with us for more information.

Dawid Ragnar
Dawid Ragnar artist

Polish tattoo artist that started his tattoo journey when he was only 15 years old. Professional tattoo artist with 5 years of shop experience. Dawid loves to mix styles, he is a solid all arounder. His biggest satisfaction? Customers smiles and kind words. He loves good music and festivals.

Sinead bodypiercer

My name is Sinead and I’m a piercer from Ireland. I’ve always had an interest in the tattoo and piercing industry from a young age, as it’s a form of self expression through the act of body modification. In my time as a body piercer I will work to assure every customer is 100% comfortable during the process and that they are happy and satisfied when leaving. I cannot wait to learn more and grow more with the help of my amazing customers at pierce of ink.




Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 6pm
​Sunday – Monday: 12pm – 6pm (for appointments only)

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